About the project:
Brine (bread + wine) is an evolving project that focuses on wine, food and the people making an impact in the industry. To me, the best part about working in this industry is the remarkable people I meet along the way: the winemakers, the candy slingers, the coffee roasters, the bakers, bartenders, the farmers, chefs, the cheesemongers, fishers, the storytellers and butchers. A number of them didn't start their careers with these titles in mind, but came into the work one way or another-- sometimes through family, but mostly because of love.
I've observed that sitting around a table and tasting food or wine can share a unique glimpse into a person’s background. Smelling, tasting and then describing that smell/taste combo reveals the ways in which we carry our life story to the glass, or to the plate. This photo-interview series will explore the flavor nuances that make food and wine so vibrant, complex and fun.

About Gwen: 
My name is Gwen Koch, and I'm the creator of The Brine Project.
I’m a former opera student turned wine enjoyer, turned Certified Sommelier, CMS. I'm into rhubarb jam, fried plantains, Scattergories, gingko leaves, new books, old buildings, snow days, olive oils described as "grassy," that campfire smell and handwritten letters. I’ve started this project to draw a meaningful connection between flavor and visual art.