Radius Pop Up Dinner Recap

I hate to say it, but I've had a hard time getting here lately. It’s not that I didn’t want to stop by and say hi, it’s just that it’s been way too beautiful outside lately to be sitting indoors at my computer. I'm also recently getting into the swing of things at a new job, so there have been a number of distractions, but I'm thrilled to be here today-- THE WEBSITE MUST GO ON! 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of collaborating on the Radius Pop Up Dinner in downtown Boston, with Chef Jitti Chaithiraphant, of Spring Summer Fall Pop Up Restaurant Series, and Chef Matt Foley, of The Merchant, as well as Jeremy Ogusky, Potter Extraordinaire at Ogusky Ceramics

Matt and Jitti met while cooking at a restaurant called Radius in 2008, and for this collaboration dinner, they crafted a thoughtful menu consisting of all local ingredients: foraged wild plants and herbs, handmade seasonings (fermented vinegars, fermented vegetables, sea salt, etc.) all sourced from within a 200 mile radius of the restaurant. 

I was lucky enough to join in on both the foraging, and photographing behind-the-scenes during this interactive and educational dinner. 

Foraging squad . Photo by Jitti Chaithiraphant

Stunning menus drawn by Laurel Greenfield

Pottery by Jeremy Ogusky

Pottery by Jeremy Ogusky


Bowls by Jeremy Ogusky


Bowls by Jeremy Ogusky

The Full Menu:
Salted Cod Brandade, Aioli, Fermented Greens
Pepperone Cured Pork Belly Smoked Over Pine
Our Bread & Butter
Chilled Pea, Calamint, Poached Oyster, Oyster Bottega
Into The Wild & Garden, Japanese Knotweed, Vinegar, Pineapple Weed
Grilled Shrimp, Nettle Veloute, Shrimp & Garlic Oil
Roasted Pork Shoulder, Stewed Bean, Rhubarb Marmalade, Pork Jus
Yogurt Sorbet, Strawberry Olive Oil Cake, Toasted Meringue, Strawberry Sauce

Local Sources:
Herbs/Vegetables- Eva Green- New Bedford, MA
Greens/Vegetables- Sparrow Arc Farm
Vinegars- Heritage Vinegar- Jitti Chaithiraphant
Dairy- Wholesome Farm
Wild Herbs/Wild Greens- Foraged by Chefs
Greens/Microgreens- Corner Stalk Farm- East Boston
Berries- Ward's Berry Farm
Shrimp- Sky 8 Farm- Stoughton, MA
Seafood- Georges Bank
Meat- Maine Family Farm